CloudRetail Launches its First Pop-Up Store in Singapore Expanding its Presence in Singapore

CloudRetail Launches its First Pop-Up Store in Singapore
Expanding its Presence in Singapore
CloudRetail's smart vending machines in 111 Somerset pop-up store

CloudRetail, a leading provider of innovative retail solutions, has launched its first-ever pop-up store at 111 Somerset, Level 1 in Singapore. The store features products from different renowned brands, including Ah Guo Illustration, Prime Hydration, Coozy Corner, and

The launch of the first pop-up store in Singapore shows the company's commitment to innovative retail solutions. The vending machines featured in the store provide a low-cost and accessible channel for brands and small businesses to sell and showcase their products.

Customers who have visited the store so far have been impressed with the user-friendly layout and fascinated by the revolutionary shopping experience at the pop-up store. The 24/7 operating vending machines are a convenient and accessible way for consumers to purchase their favorite products.

Lowering Costs and Generating Greater Revenue
CloudRetail's smart vending machines are helping brands lower costs and generate greater revenue. With the ability to operate with minimal or no staff, smart vending machines significantly reduce labor costs associated with manual restocking, cash handling, and maintenance. By automating these tasks, brands can save a few hundred to several thousand dollars monthly.

In addition to reducing labor costs, smart vending machines offer advanced features such as inventory tracking, real-time data analytics, and remote monitoring capabilities. These features enable better inventory management, reducing the risk of stockouts, overstocking, and product wastage. By optimizing inventory levels, brands can minimize carrying costs and maximize revenue potential, bringing up to S$15,000 in revenue every month. Some of our brand clients are even able to run their business 24/7 with us and exponentially grow their revenue. They are generating over S$6,000 in revenue monthly.

Ah Guo Illustration, Prime Hydration, Coozy Corner,, and many other brands have found a new way to reach a wider audience with CloudRetail's smart vending machines. These low-cost and accessible machines are a convenient way for businesses to sell their products, while also offering a unique branding opportunity with machine wrapping and interactive monitors. The machines also provide a unique branding opportunity for businesses looking to reach a wider audience.

We are proud to collaborate with various brands that offer a diverse range of products.

Ah Guo Illustrations is an illustrator from Singapore, who has collaborated with many big organizations like Singapore Press Holdings, Singapore Chinese Cultural Centre, Boncafe, etc. and won many awards. His characters’ illustrations capture a sense of happiness - a little dreamy, a little whimsical and, at the same time, a sense of hope.
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Prime Hydration is a sports drink with different flavors to aid hydration. With 10% coconut water, branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs), and potassium, Prime Hydration is the perfect drink for athletes and fitness enthusiasts alike. Our machine stocks a variety of Prime Hydration flavors, including Limited UK Edition: Orange and Mango, Blue Raspberry, Lemon Lime, Meta Moon, Strawberry Watermelon, Ice Pop, Tropical Punch, and Orange.
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Coozy Corner has an incredible collection of art and craft products. The craft kits are not only fun and unique, but they're also affordable! Some of the most popular items include the Glow-in-the-Dark Sand Art Kit (Space Shuttle), Make-Your-Own Mosaic Coaster Kit (Fortune Cat), and Glass Deco 3-in-1 Peelable Kit. offers authentic Indonesian plant-based snacks shipped directly from Indonesia at an affordable price. Share the joy of good quality and healthy snacks with you and your family.
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CloudRetail's pop-up store in Singapore, currently running until July 31, features vending machines that sell products from a variety of brands. Feel free to visit and experience the future of new retail.

Future Plans
CloudRetail is actively exploring opportunities to expand our vending machine network to other locations in Singapore, in order to provide customers with even more options. The company is planning to increase its vending machines by another 2 to 3 folds in the coming future with the success of the pop-up store at 111 Somerset, bringing the latest in-trend items closer to customers.

Follow CloudRetail's social media accounts on Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok for updates on the company's next move. With its low-cost, accessible, and convenient channels for brands to sell their products and for consumers to purchase them, CloudRetail is poised to revolutionize the retail industry.

The pop-up store at 111 Somerset will run until July 31, 2023.